Jeremiahs Destiny Inc. provides free educational resources to students K-12th grade throughout the community. Our mission and purpose is to help students solidify a journey of learning beyond high school. Our educational resources consist of virtual learning assistance, after school tutoring, college preparation, and college application assistance.

Serving our commuinty During a pandemic

Our organization implemented virtual workspaces and virtual tutoring because of the current pandemic. The virtual workspaces assisted students who did not have an option to attend their traditional school setting. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we provided each student with a mask, hand sanitizer, and assigned seating. Our organization cleans frequently throughout the day and provides temperature checks upon entrance and exit of the facility. The virtual tutoring has been a great help for students who attends traditional school settings that need extra homework help.


Our organization understands that a education is a major component for thriving families, but we also understand there are other factors that contribute to a thriving family. As a result, we host a variety of community events that allow families to express their needs and concerns. We use this as a tool to ensure our programs and services are effective and adaptable.