About Us

Our History

Jeremiahs Destiny Inc. was founded on December 1, 2018. Before we were an official organization, we offered various pilot programs over the course of 3 years. These programs would consist of after school tutoring, summer enrichment programs, and mentoring small groups of students. By offering these pilot programs, we were able to develop a successful program that generates great results.  After successfully implementing these programs, we decided to form an educational nonprofit organization.

Our Mission & Purpose

Jeremiahs Destiny Inc. mission and purpose is to assist students with developing a solid learning foundations that encourage learning at every level. Our unique approach focuses on helping students set attainable short term and long term learning goals. These goals help students understand the fundamentals of learning, and establish learning tools to overcome the challenges of education. Our organization proudly serves students Kindergarten through 12th grade who are located in the Temple, Georgia community and surrounding areas.

Our Volunteers 

We have dedicated volunteers who are current teachers, retired teachers, retired military personal, and male role models who have salaried positions at local industrial companies. Our volunteers have been instrumental in supporting our organization and more importantly positively impacting our students to academically progress.